Dear all,

I upgraded the Filr 3.4 (828) client app to 3.4.2 (929) (on Windows 10 and win 7 x64 workstations) (Filr 3.4.2 Appliance with the latest 3.4.2 update) .

The sympthoms:
The user's Filr folder full empty (only the desktop.ini file was there) also there are no My Files / Network Shares / Shared with me folder shown.

The solution currently, the next:
Uninstall 3.4.2 (929) -> reboot pc -> install 3.4 (828) -> reboot pc.
After these steps everytihng is come back with all files and folders of the users.

Currently renamed files in the server:

Can I disable other system client apps to prevent the futhurer download / installation?