I have a query with regard to PlateSpin Migrate's ability to migrate Windows and Linux workloads from AWS to Oracle Cloud.

I have gone through the latest documentation and am aware of the C2C capability for AWS to Azure and am wondering if AWS to Oracle Cloud is a capability that will be available in the near future considering that PlateSpin Migrate is a supported tool for Oracle Cloud migrations?

In the absence of AWS to Oracle Cloud C2C capability, am I able to use V2Image and Image2V functionality to migrate the workloads. The expected process would be to export the AWS workloads to an image and the load the images to a pre-built VM in Oracle Cloud. I have read in the documentation that cloud 2 image is not supported, is this still the case or would the process work but it just hasn't been tested/validated?

My final option is to perform a AWS to vSphere V2V migration followed by vSphere to Oracle Cloud V2V. Again, i expect this should work but I'm looking for confirmation.

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