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Thread: Kerberos with Re-Captcha FALLBACK

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    Kerberos with Re-Captcha FALLBACK

    Hello Community!

    I configured Kerberos (its working properly) but when i try to configure a password class as a fallback with Re-Captcha properties it does not work.
    Basically when the fallback method is call, form appears without the captcha and when the user fill his credentials and submit the form, the form appears again and the user is not logged into the platform.
    In my captcha method, these are my configured properties:

    FALLBACK_AUTHCLASS= com.novell.nidp.authentication.local.ProtectedPass wordClass

    Any ideas if it is possible to enable re-captcha in a form as a fallback of kerberos method.
    I'm currently using NetIQ Access Manager 4.4

    If you need additional data, please inform me. Any help would be appreciated.
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