I have one user who is having whonky account issues. Unfortunately he's the owner of the company and is obviously not very happy right now about these issues. I am suspecting a corrupted user template, but that's another post. Long story short, things like his password expiration keep changing back to a weird time (may 15 2016), and you cannot manually set it back to where it should be and have it stick. Manually changing the password does not seem to work either. This is affecting his device connection to Groupwise Mobility mostly. Does not seem to affect his login (so far) to Groupwise. So I want to delete his eDirectory account and just recreate it from scratch.

HOWEVER, he is worried about losing all his e-mail, appointments, etc. If I don't do anything on Groupwise, just in eDirectory as far as deleting and re-creating his account, will it automatically sync/link back to his Groupwise account, OR will removing the account from eDirectory also remove it from Groupwise? (We use LDAP auth with Groupwise).

Is there a procedure for doing this so it preserves the Groupwise account? Anybody encountered this before? Pls advise. Thanks in advance!