I've installed the GMS2.1 server and configured it in the DMZ to allow external connections over 443 for ActiveSync.

I am able to connect via ActiveSync using Outlook 2016 and on Android using both the Gmail and Outlook for Android apps. Email sync works great.

In Outlook for Android
  • When adding an address of a company user to an email, Outlook for Android gives me the option to search directory and correctly finds the users email from the server directory.
  • There is no separate area for calendar in the Outlook for Android app. Checking the inbuilt Android calendar shows no events synced from the server.

SUMMARY: Email and contacts work but no Calendar

In Gmail for Android
  • When adding an address of a company user in an email, Gmail offers no addresses from my company directory and only points to the in built list in the contacts app.
  • Adding an account to Gmail adds the account to the Android Calendar. This appears to allow me to add an event to the calendar for the ActiveSync account, however none of the events on the server have synced to my device and no new events added to my ActiveSync account on my phone appear on the server.

SUMMARY: Email only, no contacts or calendar

In Outlook 2016 (Full Desktop)
  • When adding an address of a company user in an email, Outlook offers no addresses from the company directory as the Outlook for Android App does.
  • The calendar section in Outlook allows me to add entries however these do not sync back to the server and are not seen in the GW Client of Webmail.

SUMMARY: Email only, no Calendar or contacts.

If contact searching works in the Outlook for Android app, can we speculate as to why it doesn't work in Gmail or the full Outlook client?

Are we able to get synchronisation of Calendar items using ActiveSync? Is there any additional configuration required on the GMS server?

We are trying to remove the old Blackberry server and replace with ActiveSync but if basic functionality doesn't work then we may need to consider other options.