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Thread: Gwava 6 migration tool broken for several versions.

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    Gwava 6 migration tool broken for several versions.


    Installing a SMG appliance using the Q3 image, immediately trying to
    invoke the gwava6 migration tool ends in an "internal server error"
    popup. Updating the fresh appliance to build 550 doesn't chnage that.

    I then tested an old SMG appliance that's running for almost a year, and
    where the gwava6 migration has succesfully run before, and that (patched
    to build 550 too) shows the same error.

    All browsers known to mankind on all operating systems tested with
    identical results (except Edge, which doesn't work at all). This looks
    like a certain bug.


    Massimo Rosen
    Micro Focus Knowledge Partner
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    Re: Gwava 6 migration tool broken for several versions.

    Hi Massimo,

    I had a chat to the SMG support engineers, appears to be a known bug that will be addressed in the next build (last Thursday of the month). If you are desperate for a workaround let me know.

    Laura Buckley

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