On 12/3/18 4:51 AM, alekz wrote:
> On 2018-12-03 09:36, SbusisoHlaba wrote:
>> Hi Everyone
>> I am struggling to download reports on Identity Governance, please
>> advise me what to do to fix this error.
>> please follow the link below for screen shot of the error message.
>> [image:
>> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U4s...w?usp=sharing]

> Make sure that the Reporting Module server can reach the Database
> server, from your picture I would check that communication works against
> (if you are running on the default Postgres port).


1) The subject of this thread does not match the actual issue. As you
are not have having a problem downloading report. You are having a
problem running reports.

2) What happens when you try to test the connection in the Data Source
section within Reporting? Does that work correctly?

3) What is the exact version of ID Gov (from the About Page)?

4) What is the exact version of ID Reporting (from the About Page)?

5) What is the exact version of the report you are trying to run (you
can see that when you open the Report Definition on the Repository page)?

6) What database server type (MS SQL, Oracle, or PostgreSQL) is IGOPS
database in?

7) Is the database server on the same machine as ID Reporting?

Steven Williams
Principal Enterprise Architect
Micro Focus