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On 12/10/18 6:54 AM, marcus jonsson wrote:
> Hi Steven.
> I don't fully agree with you.
> The error message I got was (based on my original post and the subject
> for this thread):
> Warning: Collecting entity 'USER' - Marked as duplicate object because
> an existing object was found with the same identity in users with
> uniqueId
> This was the error message that confused me, and I think that IG should
> be able to handle two values in CN and only use DN? It is also not
> apparent from the error message that it is an issue with CN/DN.
> (in this customers collector, CN is also collected, but that is to an
> extended User attribute, ext_cn)
> In case of multiple values being collected for any other attribute that
> is marked as Single value in IG I get:
> Warning: Collecting entity 'USER' Multiple values for single value
> attribute. Refer to 'givenName' in the following data
> A very nice error message on what is wrong.
> In that instance, I agree with you on how to handle it as per your
> post.
> In order to suppress warnings/errors (or "solve") the latter of those, I
> inserted the following transformation script that collects one value in
> case multiple values are found in eDirectory (thanks Geoff):
> <code>
> if( inputValue[0]=='[' ) {
> var jsonObj = JSON.parse(inputValue);
> result=jsonObj[0];
> } else {
> result = inputValue;
> }
> outputValue=result;
> </code>
> Best regards
> Marcus

I have done some quick tests here and can not reproduce the
behavior. I am wondering if any of the default mappings of incoming
values to ID Gov Attributes were changed. I have a user with 2 CNs and
I do not receive any error during Collection.

Steven Williams
Principal Enterprise Architect
Micro Focus
Hi Steven.

Sorry for the late response.

The mappings were setup this way:
User ID from Source - OBJ_ID
First Name - givenName
Last Name - sn
Title - title
Email - mail
Department - ou
Employment Type - employeeType
Object GUID - GUID
LDAP Distinguished Name - OBJ_ID
Employee Status - employeeStatus
Workforce ID - workforceID
So, these are the default also for the eDirectory Identity collector.

However, per my other forum post, I have redone the Identity Collector to utilize the Identity Manager Identity collector instead of the eDirectory Identity collector.

I will try and see if I can duplicate the issue in my test environment.

Maybe this could cause issues:
- User cn=user1,ou=users,o=data exists
- Collect/Publish in IG
- User cn=user1,ou=users,o=data renamed to cn=user2,ou=users,o=data
- Add user1 to CN of cn=user2,ou=users,o=data
- Collect/Publish in IG

It seems that it is not as simple as just adding a secondary CN that could be the cause of this as you are unable to duplicate with that simple step.

When I find the time, I will try and reproduce.

Best regards