Running Identity Governance client version 3.0.1 revision 25950 and Identity Governance server version 3.0.1 from revision 25952.

Using eDirectory Identity with changes Collector - Template Version 3.0.1.

I collect identities with "Collect Identity" with the following mappings:
User ID from Source - OBJ_ID
First Name - givenName
Last Name - sn
Title - title
Email - mail
Department - ou
Employment Type - employeeType
Object GUID - GUID
LDAP Distinguished Name - OBJ_ID
Employee Status - employeeStatus
Workforce ID - workforceID

I get the following warning message on 3 users:
Warning: Collecting entity 'USER' - Marked as duplicate object because an existing object was found with the same identity in users with uniqueId - cn=auser,ou=someOU,o=somewhere

I have no idea why it is a duplicate or how to troubleshoot this.

Please help

Best Regards