Running Identity Governance client version 3.0.1 revision 25950 and Identity Governance server version 3.0.1 from revision 25952.

Using eDirectory Identity with changes Collector - Template Version 3.0.1.

Getting this error on collecting Groups using Collect Group with the following mapping:
Group ID from Source - OBJ_ID
Object GUID - GUID
Group Members (Users and Groups) - member
Name - cn
Short Description - description

Collecting entity 'GROUP' - com.netiq.persist.PersistenceException: The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "fke0e3062eb6adc31c". The conflict occurred in database "igops", table "dbo.SGROUP", column 'ID'.

I get this error message on pretty much all my groups. I have inherited the solution, so I do not know if this as ever worked.

Please help!

Best Regards