Oracle is ending free support for the Oracle JDK in January 2019. After this date, updates to the Oracle JDK will only be available with a paid support contract from Oracle, so Micro Focus is evaluating options for every product in the portfolio that includes the Oracle JDK. This message is to communicate the plans for Sentinel Enterprise and Sentinel Log Manager related to the Oracle JDK and several other components.

Upcoming JDK Replacement
The upcoming Sentinel 8.2.1 release will replace the Oracle JDK with Azul Zulu OpenJDK, an open source alternative. Related components (including the UNIX Agent Manager for the Security Agent for UNIX 7.6.1) will also be updated as needed. These releases are targeted for February 2019.

Implications for customers:
  1. Customers will need to do a simple in-place upgrade.
  2. The Oracle JDK version is frozen for Sentinel 8.1.x and 8.2.0.x and no additional Oracle JDK updates will be shipped by Micro Focus for Sentinel. If there are Oracle JDK-related security vulnerabilities or other bugs, your solution will be to upgrade to Sentinel 8.2.1 or later, which include the Azul Zulu OpenJDK.
  3. The UNIX Agent Manager will only be supported running on 64-bit machines.

Deprecated and Replaced Features
In addition, the following features or components are being deprecated:
  • Sentinel SDEE Connector (Cisco no longer supports the IPS devices that used SDEE)
  • Netflow Collector Manager (replaced by the ArcSight SmartConnector in the Sentinel release)
  • SLES 11-based appliances (replaced by SLES 12-based appliances in the Sentinel releases)
  • Generic Hostname Resolution Service Collector (replaced by hostname-IP and IP-hostname resolution service in the Sentinel Collector Managers)
  • The "Sentinel Agent" package and all related "sub-agent" packages, including the OES sub-agent. (Replaced by the NetIQ Security Agent for UNIX for all supported versions of Sentinel

For more information about the replacement technologies and migration path for the deprecated items, please refer to the Sentinel release notes or the more detailed postings here on the forums (to be posted).