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Thread: Create UEFI image with tftpd64 over pxe

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    Question Create UEFI image with tftpd64 over pxe

    Hi there,

    Basically, im doing this:
    1-Make a fresh install of windows 10 (uefi)
    2-Install some applications and shutdown the machine
    3-Boot my machine over pxe (dedicated machine)
    4-Linux files of zcm imaging loading
    5-When i try to "make an image", ive got error some like that: "Can make image from GPT (...) BIOS"

    Actually, im using tftpd64 as dhcp and tftp server with some files of zenworks imaging cd.
    Btw, i can make images in legacy mode without any problems.
    Any ideas? Any checklist to setup tftpd correctly?

    Best Regards,
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