On 07-12-2018 9:24 PM, lelle wrote:
> Hi,
> Any suggestion how to move a Access Manager (appliance) cluster to new
> location?
> Background, customer is moving there server environment to new
> hostning/operation partner and every server has to be a new install. So
> no moving of vmware images.
> Will have a fiber connection between new and old site, both sites will
> be running in parallel for some time
> My idea is to install new AM appliance server in new site and add them
> to existing cluster and then when everything is tested and working
> removing old servers from cluster.

That's exactly what I what do and is the only supported way really

> Are there any drawbacks with that approach?

none, just follow the procedure to promote a secondary server to become the primary which can be a little involving so perhaps go through the steps in
a lab first

> Anybody have a better way?