bprulhiere <bprulhiere@no-mx.forums.microfocus.com> wrote:
> I checked the status driver with dxcmd and I saw my driver is in

starting status.
> As I am in production i can't restart the driver or the service.
> Do you have any ideas ?

Yes. We have seen issues like this. Basically it is waiting for the other
side to connect or timeout. (Which never happens in this scenario)

On Windows we have had success with the following:

Restarting the scripting driver on RL side.

If that doesn’t work.

forcing closed the network connection from IDM to scripting driver RL
(usually something like tcp port 809x with destination IP that matches your
RL). Used a sysinternals tool for that.
Dunno how to do that cleanly on Linux.

We got a Windows hotfix from Micro Focus to correct the underlying problem.
Don’t know if that made it into a shipping release yet.