On 12/18/2018 1:44 PM, maqsood wrote:
> Can you show me some code snippet how do you want me to test this from
> Etp ?..

If condition (do some test)
set local variable QUERY using the Query token to destination.

The results will be in the variable having passed through the OTP,
endpoint, ITP and back into your variable. If you are getting XML then
make it a nodeset variable, otherwise not.

> geoffc;2492695 Wrote:
>> On 12/17/2018 9:34 AM, maqsood wrote:
>>> You mean the response from the service i will have back available on
>>> Etp? Never done this before, but i can try..

>> I mean, if you do your query in a policy set (ETP, CTP) to source/Dest
>> as needed, into a local variable, then you can continue processing in
>> the policy you started it from.
>> Now if in order to properly reformat a value so that merge/optimize
>> modify works and keeps data consistent, you need to query for a second
>> piece of information then ya, that is a problem, but it did not seem
>> like that