On 12/10/2018 02:34 PM, gtejo wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Im gettin this error
> *LDAP: error code 80 - NDS error: insufficient buffer (-649)*
> when i triying to add a value thats has 41501 characters long inside an
> attribute (string type) of a ldap "nrfRole" class using LDIF import
> methods. Also we tryed to add the attribute value using the iManager but
> the result is the same.

As it should be; prior to eDirectory 9.x the NCP packet limit was 64-ish
KB, meaning once you get over 32k characters or so (Unicode, two bytes
each) you push past that limit and replication no longer works, which
means you get -699's in your attempts to sync. I wrote the bug on that
long, long ago, and was pretty thrilled when 9.x fixed it, but on 8.8.x it
will never work for a non-stream attribute.

> Is there anyway of expand that the limit of 63k, or a workarround? We
> need to persist this information in the directory.

Upgrade to eDirectory 9.x and try again. Alternatively, use a stream
attribute. Since you're using something starting with 'nrf' I presume you
are playing with IDM attributes, and redefining that as a Stream attribute
sounds like a terrible idea, though having this long of a string in almost
any attributes also sounds terrible (there are reasons for it in some
things, like photo/jpegPhoto, but I would verify assumptions thoroughly
before doing it with something you do not own like nrfRole).

Good luck.

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