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On 01/04/2019 02:06 PM, ka12312 wrote:
> Still waiting on a test environment

Ah, the ancient battle. Sorry about that. VMs on laptops or desktops
will do in a pinch.

> Additional question. Can you do a hardware migration from OES 2015.1
> Linux to just plain SLES 12. These servers are only used for LDAP.
> There are no volumes other than SYS. They don't want OES anymore. No
> need. Thanks!

If you do not need the OES-ish services, then I do not see why not, but
there may be a few things to clean up; going the other way (non-OES to
OES) is harder, probably not a good idea, but going from OES to SLES is
probably fine enough.

On the other hand, if these are JUST eDirecgtory boxes (no IDM, no
volumes, nothing but eDirectory) it might be just as easy to add a new
server into the tree, add replicas, and turn th eold one off, and that
would not be problematic if you had issues along the way. I'm not saying
you SHOULD do it this way, but others who are not familiar with eDir and
Linux come along, the supported/documented way may be nice if all things
are equal.

If IDM's in the mix, I'd definitely try the migration you're planning,
though; moving driver objects from server to server is something I try to

Good luck.

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In a migration scenario, don't forget to check the host for the certificate server (move or recreate as needed) and check the SDI infrastructure / tree keys to make sure everything there is healthy afterward. Fix as needed.