Micro Focus offers two SIEM technologies, Micro Focus ArcSight and Micro Focus Sentinel. Gartner clients have not shown interest in Sentinel, so our analysis is confined to the ArcSight platform.

Coverage of the Micro Focus (NetIQ) Sentinel product has been dropped due to vendor focus on its ArcSight product, and lack of Gartner customer interest in Sentinel.

very disappointing.
I actually don't find this a surprise at all. Despite Product Management committing to the continued development of both products, the implementation footprint of the two is going to be drastically different...and this is Gartner.

We were actually just away at an internal development few days and the sales guy brought up the IDM and PAM quadrants from Gartner, lets just say they didn't reflect reality in this region in any way, shape, or form.

You only get in the right Gartner quadrant if you pay the Gartner Consultant the right price.