This is what i get :

Usage: windows 32.exe <options>

BUILDTIME <options> are:
-f <file> = add <file> to extractor
-o <outf> = create extractor named <outf>
(default is wrapped.exe)

RUNTIME <options> are:
-l = list contents only (do not extract)
-n = no command execution (extract only)
-x = suppress reboot command passed to ZENPreAgent(Manual Reboot)
-q = show no reboot prompt(quiet install)
-m = have a rebootless agent with limited agent if opting for silent install(-q)
-Z = log ZESM setup.exe installation
-U = force uninstall previous ZENworks Desktop Management agent
-k <registration key> = register with the specified registration key after install
-c <file> = custom standalone install file
-d <dest> = extract files to <dest>
(default is C:\Windows\novell\zenworks\stage\)
-A <file> = read arguments from file
-b <component> = block installation of component

OTHER <options> are:
-v = be verbose
-h = help (show this message)

Unable to continue with the installation. This may be because an instance of agent installation is already running.
Exiting with error code 1.
hit any key to continue

Now i did this :

" windows 32.exe" /n /d ./tempX86
" windows 64.exe" /n /d ./tempX64

I have the msi files and a setup.exe file.

The setup.exe itself does not have much command-line switches possibility
All the MSI are there...

There is also a ZENUpdater.exe file that you cant run directly
and ZENUpdateWatcher.exe

Also lot of jars, and config files.

From what you can recall what were you able to do with these files ?

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You can pre-extract the installer, which I believe prevents all those DOS boxes.
Run "installername.exe /?" for the command line parameters.

You will need parms to tell it where to extract, to not install(extract only, and the destination.

something like installer -a -x -d c:\temp

Just pulling from very long term memory.


If you want to run as system.......
You can set it to "not wait" to finish.
then run the next action as "user".
I can't recall the process name, but it is the small progress notifier in system tray.
Just check task manager.
You may also need to kill the existing process before you start the process as user.

Sorry for being a bit vague....It's been a while since I've done all of this, but the process has not changed.....