I finally found something, it seems that it is not the ZenUpdater.exe file that you need to use.

You can launch the following exe file : StandaloneUpdater.exe as system without waiting for it to end
and then you can launch the ZENUpdateWatcher.exe file as user for the users to see the progress of the update.

Unfortunately the StandaloneUpdater.exe does not seem to take any switches like /s /q -s -q so there is a console window appearing on the user desktop.

I will see if i can fine tune this even more, i would also like the users to have more control over the reboot process.

I will return back with what i find.

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Unfortunately i am unable to launch the ZenUpdater.exe file.

Takes 2-3 seconds then an error message is displayed saying that the process stopped due to an unknown error.

I tried it on a 32 Bits and a 64 Bits with each respective architecture setups and the results are the same...