I have asked this same question in Windows 10 forums outside of this site and haven't received a good answer or option yet. Hoping I might find an answer here.

I have a Bundle that is attempting to update windows 10, typically 1511 or 1607 to 1703 or 1709. I have a network folder that is mapped and the setup.exe used with /auto upgrade to start the update process. I have received two different failure reasons when attempting to update windows 10. First is Failure on 1st boot, typically this one was due to my AntiVirus. The other one is referencing Migrating Data. I can't seem to figure out what is complaining about or if there is an app it doesn't like. I have a few of my systems upgrade with no issues but the majority seem to fail.

I hate to re-image or run the update bypassing the user profile migration. Has anyone been able to figure out what needs to be done on the systems to successfully update the build versions for Windows 10?

Thanks for the help.