I've been trying to run up a test iPrint appliance so I can compare the web print portal with what is available through PaperCut. If I deploy the 3.0 appliance (vmware - vsphere 6.5), add my directory server, sync users etc all works as expected. (The only attribute that seems to sync is surname, no first name or email address etc but that is another story.)

If I then go to https://test-iprint.domain/print/printers and click login I can authenticate as a user from my test user tree.

However, once I upgrade to 3.2, this authentication stops working, and I get an "invalid credentials" error. It seems that the appliance is now trying to authenticate against its own internal eDirectory tree rather than the tree I am synchronising users from. If I set the password for a user in iManager on the appliance, I can then authenticate as that user. But I know this isn't how it is meant to work.

As background, when I set up the appliance I left the DNS for Print Service and Authentication Realm settings at the defaults (ie address of the appliance and IPRINT).

Also, I've tried upgrading to 3.2 before adding the directory server stuff, but I still get the same problem.

Authentication on my live appliance, also patched to 3.2, does work, but it has come up through the ranks from, I think, 2.x to 3.0 to 3.1 to 3.2.

Anyone else experienced this, or better still have a fix?