OK - thanks for the clarification. That makes sense if the object is
really just a pointer. The TID is interesting - not sure how I would use
it, but at least I know about the option.

Thanks again

On 21/12/2018 7:22 pm, Mysterious wrote:
> On 21-12-18 00:14, rshera wrote:
>> Excellent - thank you - that fixed it!
>> I still don't see any of the attributes such as firstName, emailAddress
>> etc coming in. Do you know if there is any fix for this?
>> Thanks again
>> Robert

> you're welcome
> This is working as design. You do not see any of those in the edir
> object on the appliance. Only the cn is shown as it is the mandatory
> attribute to create the edir object but this edit object is just a
> pointer to the real one on the source ldap server.
> you still can use them. For example tid 7017467 explain one of them, but
> you'll not see the value in the appliance edir.
> The attributes shown on the import page are just left from the FILR
> appliance (both appliance use the same base code) but they are not used
> in iprint.