OES2015sp1. Two node cluster. CIFS enabled cluster resources. Have had no problems migrating resources back and forth.
Migrated resources from node2 to node1. Rebooted node2 and it rejoined the cluster. Migrated a resource back to node2 and the resource would go comatose. See this in the cifs.log:
Dec 19 20:35:16 NODE2 CIFS[10899]: EVENT: CLI: Removing virtual server ".cn=XXXXX-SERVER.ou=XXX.o=XXXXXX.t=XXXXXX_TREE." with IP: 0x55d06880
Dec 19 20:35:16 DATA2 CIFS[10899]: WARNING: CLI: RemoveVServer: Failed to find virtual server "XXXXX-SERVER.XXX.XXXXXX.XXXXXX_TREE", NetBIOS name: XXXXXX-W in local list, probably already got deleted

Have no problems loading the resource on node1, but will go comatose on node2