On 1/4/19 9:34 AM, skoehler wrote:
> I agree
> Lets hope convenient installer will find its way back to the download
> site (e.g. NetIQ IGA Common Components) or we find a detailed setup
> guideline. It is little effort for an educated software engineer in this
> field to build it up but a lot of work for an IAM Consultant.
> For a quick demo-setup, it is way too much effort to dive into this
> topic.
> For production, now we have to convince platform operations to provide
> the required versions and support! So far, we could refer to a
> mandatory, bundled, vendor-supported software component - end of
> discussion...
> Novell/NetIQ was always known for simplified installation and quick
> setups for demo/training purpose. Is this the end? How will the next IDM
> release look like? I don't feel well about this...
> Steffen

In another thread, I have outlined that there will be "helper"
scripts out shortly that will mimic what the convenience installer did.

1) You pull down the necessary zip or tar files (based upon O/S)
2) Put them in a certain directory
3) Open the script file and modify any version numbers that maybe necessary
4) Run the script. They will "install" the components you download
(Tomcat, OpenJDK, ActiveMQ, PostgreSQL) as you have indicated within the
script. They will also set-up the necessary services and system accounts

Steven Williams
Principal Enterprise Architect
Micro Focus