I got an alert today when the filesystem on the host with most of my edirectory replicas was at 91% capacity. When I investigated I found hundreds of roll forward logs going back to last February 8 in the dib/nds.rfl subdirectory. I don't know why they go back to that specific day. I must have enabled the rfl function that day or I must of cleaned up the logs. TOday I tried to clean up by using dsbk with the -a without success. I tried a number of combinations of the command and in each case I got an error that looks like this

Command line -b -f /dsback/dsback -l /dsback/dsback.log -e XXXXXXXXXX
Processing command line
Command line error!
Run "DSBK help" to get command line help.
DSBK error! -1
I couldn't find a lot of info on the topic beyond the very fine manual. Anyone have any suggestions?