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On 01/04/2019 09:54 AM, kjhurni wrote:
> I'm more puzzled as to why SSPR has different behavior vs. NOvell client
> on a lot of things, but nobody ever responded, and unfortunately I can't
> open SR's, so I've just documented what works/doesn't and when/where.

I think the most-likely reason is that SSPR can run as an admin when doing
these changes, where the Novell Client only knows the user's own
credentials so it can only ever act as the user.

Good luck.

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Interesting. It may be that way.
Although when I enabled debug logging to figure out why SSPR won't read NMAS challenge/response when the answers are filled in with the Novell Client (vs. using SSPR to answer the original questions), the debug logs showed it would authenticate (or attempt to do so) as the actual user, vs. Admin/proxy account.