In the good old days, I remember backing up, and restoring edirectory
objects with arcserve.
It had such a nice graphical interface.
We could browse to objects and restore them, and everything was nice and
fine (except for the occassional abend ofcourse)

I have not personally touched backups since then.

When consulting backup guides and documentation for backup of edir on linux
it seems that people use DSBK, NDSBACKUP and that sort of stuff (like
described here fore instance https://ldapwiki.com/wiki/Edirectory%20Backup%
20Strategy )

I'm sure it works.

My question is, however, can anyone give me a list, or can anyone tell me
if they use other vendors' products, which utilizes SMS/smdr, so the
restoring of individual objects for example, would be a bit more
administrator friendly.