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On 11-01-2019 6:26 PM, squadri wrote:

> INFO: TokenServiceImpl created
> Jan 10, 2019 10:17:26 AM org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext
> filterStart
> SEVERE: Exception starting filter OAuthApplicationJspMvcFilter
> MultiException stack 1 of 3

That doesn't look right at all. The ESP isn't starting properly which probably stops the cluster from being created successfully. Can you validate the
md5 or sha checksum of the ISO by any chance?

You nailed it perfectly my friend. Its horrifying to know that the checksum didnt match and I had not focussed on that one possibility. However, did a fresh download and proceeded with fresh deployment of appliance after verifying checksum this time p . It shows both the clusters(IDP and Access Gateway) created.
Appreciate your wonderful supporting ideas.

Now moving to the next step. Our main objective is to protect our web based application with NAM. To begin with, we need to implement this solution to Groupwise WebAccess and SSPR for our eDirectory Users. Can you suggest the best possible and easy approach to do so?
Please note that this is our first deployment of NAM4.4.