So I copied my working Designer install folder and installed 4.7.2 over it (on Windows Server 2012 R2) in the hope my Designer tweaks (config.ini, Designer.ini) would be kept in 4.7.2 (not the case, the installer basically wiped the folder and installed from scratch).

Started up 4.7.2, opened the same workspace I used with and tried to connect to an IDV with saved credentials in the project and all I get is an authentication error: failed credentials or non-existing DN...

Closed 4.7.2, started (ALWAYS keep the previous version when updating Designer!) with the same workspace and authentication works just fine again.

Renamed the "jre" subfolder in the 4.7.2 install to "jre.azul" and copied "jre" from over (containing an Oracle Server JRE 8u162). Started 4.7.2 - et voilŠ - authentication with saved credentials works again.

Anyone else to confirm this?