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On 2019-01-19 00:24, CeeDubbVA wrote:
> The 'server that hosts the 2011.1r1 version of the Sentinel Plug-in SDK'
> (https://www.novell.com/developer/dev..._sentinel.html) is slated
> for decommissioning today (January 18, 2019).
> As many of you who develop plug-ins already know, the Sentinel
> engineering team and Customer Care have been directing people for many
> years to the 2014.1r1 version of the SDK in the 'Preview section of the
> Sentinel Plug-ins site'
> (https://www.netiq.com/support/sentin...s/preview.html)

Where will the developer documentation
- Using the Plug-in SDK to Develop Plug-ins
- Related Sentinel Development Topics
be hosted in the future then?

At least right now, it's available in the PDF that deploys with the SDK.