Hi again,

So I managed to get the 4 servers (2 x physical and 2 x VMs') upgraded to SLES11sp4 & OES2015. All services (DNS, DHCP, user access etc) working. ... so far so good.

I then upgraded the primary eDir physical server to OES 2018 ... no issues.

I then upgraded a VM running DNS to OES2018 ... the only issue was that during the install the menu jumped to an "old style" text menu
but in the networking section I add the details of the server and the ftp info and then the upgrade to SLES went thru, the server reboots
and then the OES portion completes. eDir and NTP synced, and the DNS service was working correctly .... all good again.

Next onto the second VM which runs DNS and DHCP. Same type of installation as above. The SLES portion completes and then the server
reboots to start the OES section, but returns an error that the "kernel" failed to load. Information in the GUI window of the VM
configuration menu under "Boot Menu" shows setting for "Kernel Path", "Initrd path" and "Kernet Args". I remove the setting (otherwise the
server will not boot) and start the VM.

I can now start the server and /etc/*release shows that the SLES12sp2 and OES2018 has been updated. DNS is resolving correctly and
Timesync is correct but running "ndsrepair -E" shows that OES is not installed and DHCP service is "dead"

Ideas, thoughts, comments (good or bad) will be appreciated.