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Thread: CLE Configuration challenge

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    Exclamation CLE Configuration challenge

    I tried to configure CLE on Machine where installation and configuration was successful but I see following challenges:

    1. On Window login screen forget password link is not showing which we tackled via clt+Alt+Del and go on screen change password link where I found forget password link.

    2. Click on forget password link it open restricted browser where show cert issue as "res //ieframe.dll/invalidcert.htm sslerrorbelow" and not to open that link on that browser.

    I tried to multiple setting inside the internet setting but it is now working please suggest any idea to resolve this.

    CLE version is 4.2 and machine using windows server 2012 R2

    Note: any way to remove cert validation from restricted browser.

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    Re: CLE Configuration challenge


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    Re: CLE Configuration challenge

    Any Update on this ? Please update to us ASAP.


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    Re: CLE Configuration challenge

    Quote Originally Posted by aitcvikas View Post
    Any Update on this ? Please update to us ASAP.

    Hi Vikas,

    Welcome to the Micro Focus forums!

    We haven't been ignoring you...

    These forums are monitored by volunteers. We try to help on a best effort basis. If no one responded to your post, it is likely that no one has an answer for you.

    If this is an urgent matter, I suggest you open a Service Request with Micro Focus Technical Support.
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