We recently updated to ZCM 17.3a from 17.2 and I've noticed that the "Zenworks Agent" icon is no longer on the desktop or in "Windows Explorer". We have our users desktops redirected to their home directory, this icon not working has caused the bundles assigned to the desktop to not show up. The fix for folder redirect under the TIDs 7007656 7000146 7011389 were in place "HKLM\Software\Novell\ZCM\NAL\SetIconOnDesktop with the value of 1" before the update and was working fine.
The workstations were updated via system update in ZCM. The strange thing is I have a test VM that was also updated the same way but the "Zenworks Agent" icon is there.
I've checked the the registry location for the SetIconOnDesktop on both the one working and several non working workstations and they have the correct registry setting. I've even logged in as an administrator and the icon never shows up. The only thing I can think of, and I'm just shooting in the dark, is ZCM agent is ignoring the registry setting for some weird reason of there might be a DLL file that did not register during the update\install?

I've noticed there is another update "17.4" but there is no reference to the issue I am having, unless its related to another issue.
Is there something I'm missing, look for or will the 17.4 resolve this issue.