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>> >We want to add a tag "external" to emails received from outside the
>> >domain as a security measure to help users identify them and deal with
>> >them carefully.
>> >How can it be achieved with Secure messaging gateway being deployed in
>> >our environment alongside Groupwise 18.0.2

>> I have not tried it, but there is a message tag service that modifies
>> the subject. Go to your Inbound Mail Filter Policy, insert the
>> Message Received filter and the Message Tag service. Modify the
>> Message Tag service as needed, connect them and save. That will
>> affect all inbound emails. If you want to test the Message Tag
>> service, you could first connect it to the Email Address filter, check
>> scan recipient address, and enter a test email address within your
>> organization. Then the message tag would only be applied to emails
>> coming to that address. Once you have it looking the way you want,
>> detach the message tag from the email address filter and attach it to
>> the message received filter.
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>Tried your suggested solution for Messaging Tag service. It attaches tag
>for every inbound email. I am looking to add message tag feature to work
>for new inbound emails only but after subsequent reply in the email
>trail , the message Tag shouldn't be appearing considering the sender to
>be Genuine one. Is it possible to achieve it somehow using SMG. I have
>tested by adding message tag to Antispam component, but it doesn't seem
>to work that way as its apparently scanning the test email against spam
>signatures only thus not adding message tag

If I understand correctly, you want the following scenario...
1. External user sends email and tag is added.
2. Internal user replies to email (tag will still exist unless user
manually removes it).
3. External user replies and tag is removed.

I'm not aware of a method to do this. SMG would need to know that the
email in step 3 was part of the thread and not a new email. I have no
idea what you could trigger on to do this.

You could try contacting technical support and see if they know how to
do this. Or you could post an enhancement request here:

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