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I want to create a GWI file in my application to link to a mail in GroupWise. It's no problem to parse a GWI file to get the Mail ID, but i don't know what the first byte in the stream for the ID means.
I tested several files, sometimes its the same first byte, but not always. Is this a checksum? Or something different? How can i "calculate" it?

I get the mail ids with soap and want to save it as gwi files. When i store the id without this leading byte, the file can't be open.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Reinhard,

Welcome to the Micro Focus forums!

We haven't been ignoring you: it is likely that nobody who read your post has an answer for you.

I would suggest you ask again in the GroupWise Install-Setup-Admin forum where someone with the necessary expertise may be able to help.