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    Re: Identity Collector: Merge Behaviour

    Quote Originally Posted by Marcus View Post

    Out of curiosity, what do you need the DN for? If it is for IG
    authentication, then there are other ways to solve it, as I understand. Ie
    using an attribute from HR to search for users in AD using a matching


    Just a thought.

    Best regards

    Yes, we can authenticate without collecting any AD data. That's not the problem.

    I want to collect the DN so I can better assign accounts to identities. We have in our AD some accounts that belong to contractors and contractors don't get an identity in HR, only employees do. But contractors have an AD account. And in said account they have a manager with a DN that points to an employee. We want to collect the DN so that we can link contractors account to an internal employee.

    Once again

    AD:: Contractor: manager --> AD::employee: DN

    HR:: employee ??? AD:: Employee: DN
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