I have a remote server which contains a RW of Root and an OU. Time is synchronized with the other servers in the ring - ndsrepair -T. When I run a ndsrepair -P option 6 (Report synchronization status of all servers) the remote serverís time is behind about an hour and just stays at this time. It never changes. I ran ndsrepair -P option 7, Synchronize the replica on all servers. I did this on all the servers in the ring. The remote server will catch up and then within a few minutes the time stops, never changes. The only changes made have been the decommissioning of three OES servers in the ring. NDS was completely removed, the servers are powered off and everything went well. This problem started the morning after the OES servers were removed Any ideas. I am not having any problems as far as I can tell. However, these are test servers and they donít see too much action. Thank you!!