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Working in a school district our teachers have become accustomed to the NAL launcher, and believe it or not when I took it away a while ago they went all kinds of crazy on me to bring it back. Well it was their admin who wanted to try it without it, and we can say he is no longer here because of it.
If they like NAL they're gonna go nuts for the ZENworks App!!!

In all seriousness, we did the exact same upgrade you did many years back (although we weren't virtualized). I'd recommend starting with OES also. NetWare to OES is very well documented so start with that. Honestly unless your tree is in a bad state I'd keep it. You don't need the complications of re-configuring everything to work with your new tree.

When you come around to ZENworks I'd spin up a new VM and start playing with it. Don't expect to get your production system up and running first time. Take your time and if you get in a mess trash it and start over. It really pays to learn how the bundles work - they're very different to how it works in ZENworks 7 and much more powerful.

I believe there is a migration tool for ZENworks (there used to be) but after much playing around with it I found it was better to build the bundles from scratch. This is where it pays to start cleanly. Also don't be afraid to ask questions there's some very experienced heads on here.