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Hello Kevin,

Sorry for the delay in answers. Been hectic here with the sickness going around and the snow and cold.

Anyway, I was planning on doing a fresh install on a VM with the new OES, and setting up a new tree and everything new.
Hi Jim,

Much has changed since the days of NetWare. Even with your Linux experience you may find that the configuration you choose is not optimal and wish you could change it. This way you can always blow away your new server and start again without impacting your production NetWare system.

There are a few things I am worried about though that I have noticed with the tree I have up now.
Now is the time to sort through these issues. Although time consuming, I strongly advise you to read all the current documentation even if it means that you skip over sections that appear not to be relevant.

1. I have iPrint running and when adding printers I have to go into the older server and show iPrint who can print from it. I have made sure that all the paths are correct and such, however there are some users who do not show up when searching for them to make them say a manager of a printer or admin under iPrint. I just put the context they are in and cross my fingers. Other users show up so I do not know what is going on there, but with the new install of OES 2018 and the iPrintVM I have running it should work better with the newest version of OES correct?
iPrint runs as an appliance or it can implemented as a component of your new OES server. Both approaches have their own advantages. If you have iPrint questions, please ask in the iPrint forum. When posting please provide background information, especially the version/release you're using. It may be worthwhile to review recent posts to see what issues other users may be experiencing.

2. The Zenworks issue I have seen when looking into it is I believe it stated I cannot have Zenworks running already...I take that to mean that anywhere on my network I cannot have my Zenworks 7.1 running on my Tree. If I did run the appliance for Zenworks I would have to turn off the server I have now completely to run and install the new Zenworks appliance, so kinda takes the fun out of that of experimenting and trying things before summer break, or did I read that all wrong?

I am just thinking that the new version will work better with the newer iPrint appliance and the new Zenworks Appliance to make it go much smoother. In order for me to create application shortcuts for Zenworks is I have a VM running with XP and ConsoleOne on it so I can create new application shortcuts on the NAL and manage that part of Novell.
These questions are best answered in the ZENworks forums where members having the necessary expertise will be happy to help. Again, I recommend you first read the documentation.

Like i said, it runs so well hate to update, but with some of the glitches i have discovered with say iprint appliance not seeing some users, even in the same context of ones I can see, would work better as well as just all around.

I am planning on just doing a fresh install, setting it all up and then making sure all the systems in our district have the new client to attach to the server.
You can only do so much with an old server even if it is very reliable. Security is important and it is worth the upgrade for that reason alone.
Are you aware that you can install the latest OES client on your workstations ahead of time and they will provide access to your existing NetWare servers?

The only other thing I wonder about is adding users. I have been using JRB Utilities for adding our students every fall and wonder if that will work with the new version? Or how to even bulk import them with it, if it even works to import them with the new OES.
I don't have an answer for this one but that is the kind information you can obtain from members of the Micro Focus (ex-Novell) Technology Transfer Partners (TTP) program (membership is free).

Sorry about the rant and being all over the board, but haven't had my coffee yet this morning and with all that i do here it is hard to focus on one thing for a certain amount of time so when I write about this everything comes out at once. Just nice to have everyone as a sounding board to help sort out steps and things I need to do to ensure it gets done right, quickly, and painlessly....the last one never works out.....
One thing to keep on mind is this: Try to keep your posts short and limit a post to a single issue. It is quite reasonable to create multiple threads if you have several questions or issues to be resolved. It is much easier to deal with several individual questions than it is to respond to a long post like this one.

I would suggest that you start new threads in the appropriate forms if you wish to continue these discussions.