Not sure why it won't load, but you may want to try and set your VM to UEFI for the 32-bit issues.
VMware is a little unusual in this area area around PXE.
It's BIOS reports as a real 32-bit BIOS.....
Almost all real-hardware has been using UEFI for well over a decade...even if it was fully presented as BIOS in the early days of UEFI.

Also Boot ISO may not have the same issues......
Not all Virtualization software has this issue....
Seems specific to VMware's PXE not properly reporting the architecture.

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Running ZCM2017 Update 4.
Started IE as administrator.
Creating Prebbot Bundle.
Adding MDT Action.
Uploading 64-bit WIM (LiteTouchPE_x64.wim). Upload works fine.
In same action, trying to upload 32-bit WIM (LiteTouchPE_x86.wim). Says "Unable to mount the selected WIM file".

I really dont lik to use the 32-bit, but when initiating a remore reimage via ZCC (assigned bundle to device / Apply Assigned Imaging Bundle) , when MDT try to start it says:
"Using MDT bundle GUID: xxxxx
Expected 32-bit MDT wim not uploaded for this applied bundle".
Testing om Virtual machine.

So two things.
Why cant upload 32-bit wim when 64-bit works, and why does it try to load 32-but during PXE, even if machine before was imaged with 64-bit via PXEmenu.