I have been fighting a losing battle. As of recently, I have been plagued with iPrint problems. The product has worked without a single incident for many years, suddenly not so much. It starts with the call "nobody can print". When people go to print, the application locks up. If you try and install a printer, long delay before you are granted with a winsock 10060 error. I have narrowed down the issue to a communication or some other issue with the Driver store.

Parts of the equation
2x iPrint Manager Servers - Running OES 2018 with the latest patches as of 3 days ago.
1x of these runs the papercut application server
1x runs the papercut agent or collector
Driver store was running on both of these servers (but not at the same time - independantly)
iPrint Client x 6.16.03_FTF_NOV18 - Deployed on everything
System serves 600 network printers that print 12,000 sheets a day

twice, when this happened, I was able to restart the print manager / Driver Store / Apache / Tomcat and get everything up and running. The last 2 times, I could not get it back.

The Following things have been done.

1st attempt - Usual OES tricks, Updates, Certificate recreation script, common proxy fix, reboots - This worked for about 2 weeks
2nd attempt - Move the IDSD daemon from the 1st print manager server to the second, shut down the driver store on the first - this worked for about 2 weeks as well

Current attempt (work done last night) - Spin up a new OES 2018 server, Setup the Driver store on this server, copy all drivers to it. Point the 2x print managers to this for Drivers and shut down the existing Driver stores.
Followed TID Document ID https://support.microfocus.com/kb/doc.php?id=3484700 - Reset the modipp folder on both print managers -
Added novell-idsd as a monitored process to my zenoss setup

When the problem occurs, I have very little breadcrumbs to follow. Journalctl shows nothing, apache logs do not have anything outstanding that I can tell.

Could it be there is a yet to be released patch that I am fighting some bad code?