On 08-02-19 13:54, mdymes wrote:

I was able to restart the print manager /
> Driver Store / Apache / Tomcat and get everything up and running. The
> last 2 times, I could not get it back.

Why not? What error did you get in ipsmd.log?
Change ipsmd log from warning to info in


That will show more info when ipsmd is starting

> The Following things have been done.
> 1st attempt - Usual OES tricks, Updates, Certificate recreation script,
> common proxy fix, reboots - This worked for about 2 weeks
> 2nd attempt - Move the IDSD daemon from the 1st print manager server to
> the second, shut down the driver store on the first - this worked for
> about 2 weeks as well
> Current attempt (work done last night) - Spin up a new OES 2018 server,
> Setup the Driver store on this server, copy all drivers to it. Point
> the 2x print managers to this for Drivers and shut down the existing
> Driver stores.
> Followed TID Document ID
> https://support.microfocus.com/kb/doc.php?id=3484700 - Reset the modipp
> folder on both print managers -
> Added novell-idsd as a monitored process to my zenoss setup
> When the problem occurs, I have very little breadcrumbs to follow.
> Journalctl shows nothing, apache logs do not have anything outstanding
> that I can tel

When problem occurs:

1. Enable ipptrace on the client. Tid7007023
2. Install wireshark and start capturing
3. install the supportutils-plugin-iprint-3.1.0-0.noarch.rpm if not yet
installed on server
4. Duplicate the problem when trying to print
5. Once problem arise, stop lan trace, go to server and type (case

# iPrintInfo -b

authenticate using an user with admin rights in FDN in dot format. It
will create an iprint info txt file.

With the info in the lan trace, the c:/ndps directory and the iprint
info txt file should be enough info to see why it fails