I've updated to Filr 3.4.3, but my desktop client isn't prompting to upgrade. This may be because of how I installed...

A few days ago, I downloaded the Filr Desktop 3.4.3 MicroFocusFilrAutoUpdate.tgz here: https://download.novell.com/Download...d=xX6ooMFMMME~

I installed the files according to the instructions; I hadn't done a manual client update before, so I just wanted to see how it worked. After installing it, I could download a Filr 3.4.3 client from the web interface, but my desktop client got no update prompt.

Then on Wednesday, I got the Online Update to Filr 3.4.3. I installed that, figuring that would fix whatever was wrong with the auto-update, but still I got no update prompt on the desktop clients.

So, how do I get Filr to see there is a new client?

Thanks for any help.