jlewter wrote:

> I actually found a tid that related to the issue being a screen
> setting and I had to upgrade the hardware version of the vm. Once I
> did that it got rid of the blank screen issue. Now the problem I have
> is when it boots up in the upgrade process, it doesn't find any of
> the host and/or ip configuration of the box. I tried two boxes I had
> to do, and one found all the information find, the other didn't. I
> could enter it all in manually, and the upgrade continued the rest of
> the way, but once it booted the first time the services that box held
> didn't start correctly, so I ended up moving back to the old server
> off snapshot image. Not sure why it is not finding the host info for
> it.

The first place to look for a clue is /var/log/messages. If youre
having problems with specific hardware you can check the Kernel Ring
Buffer by typing the "dmesg -H" command.

Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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