medesignltd wrote:

> Just trying to make sure we don't get caught short further down the
> line with some fundamental service or function (at the small business
> or Open Workgroup Suite level) that demands two (or more) unique
> static IP addresses.

Hi Neil,

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees. :-(

I am going through the same process. I've had a block of sixteen IP
addresses for the past fifteen years and at one time had a half dozen
in use. My configuration has changed and while I'm still using a number
of different addresses, a single IP address is all I really need now.
Still, it's comforting to know the others are available should I need

In my case, I'm changing my ISP. I'm upgrading from 25 Mbps service to
150 Mbps service while reducing my monthly cost by almost twenty five
percent. It's really a no brainer. The only catch is the single IP

Should I really need an additional IP address sometime down the road, I
will deal with that issue at that time:
- I may be able to get them from my ISP at that time.
- Perhaps I could provide the service via the cloud.
- or use an external proxy server to redirect traffic to a different

There are always options. Until the specific details are available all
we can do is speculate.

Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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