Hello Everyone,

I am hoping this is in the right area. We are currently on Novell 6.5 Sp8 with Zenworks 7. We have been thinking about doing a fresh install of Micro-focus, but I am unsure which way to go....

We have, as I mentioned above with Zenworks all on 1 server, our printing is done through the new iPrint 3 on VMWare....just want to update to the latest and greatest and start fresh....just don't know where to start or keep what we have.

Working in a school district everyone has gotten used to the NAL launcher. I guess what i am looking for is a document, help file something to tell me with what I have what is the best solution to not throw a large wrench in the works and just a small one with like having them back everything up etc....

I see there are new version of Zen and Micro-focus uses OES still it looks like, so what is the easiest path to get up to the latest, without upgrading what I have. I want to start clean and go from there.

If not I appreciate your time in reading this.