(Single primary ZCM 2017U4 appliance)

Some time around 2017U2 or U3, it appears that when you push out an agent update to a WS and monitor it in the ZCC on the 'System Update Overview - Status by Device' dialog, the status column no longer updates in real time. So you have no idea what the status is of the update that you are pushing out. Event if you do an agent refresh, it will not show the progress. And when the update is finished and the WS has rebooted, it still will show just 'Update Assigned' for the status. It looks like you have to click back to the 'System Update Overview' to see if the agent has been updated successfully.

Is this working as designed? If so, why the heck was it designed this way? Up until recently, you could always see the current status of the agent update on this screen. Is there any way to fix it so it properly shows the update status?