Hi All,

I have a text driver to bulk load resources onto a user's nrfAssignedResources via UserApp/RBPM. This is an effort to true up application access to users so we can conduct Access Reviews using IGA that are more accurate. I ask the app owners for a simple file the format is GRANT|USERNAME|RESOURCE CN, this makes a call to userapp and assigns the resource. As I have been running these for different applications I am starting to see these errors. How do I avoid these associations, or is there a better way to bulk load resources to userapp/RBPM then this text driver? If the only solution is deleting the DirXML-Associations is there a way to do that on a large scale or as a scheduled job?

Thanks in Advance! Trace of error is below.

[02/13/19 15:16:56.826]:bulkresource PT: Match found: src-dn='\ACME-TEST\data\users\JOHVILLA'
[02/13/19 15:16:56.826]:bulkresource PT:Policy returned:
[02/13/19 15:16:56.826]:bulkresource PT:
<nds dtdversion="1.1" ndsversion="8.6" xml:space="default">
<add class-name="User" dest-dn="" dest-entry-id="-1" src-dn="johvilla">
<add-attr attr-name="Action">
<value type="string">Grant</value>
<add-attr attr-name="CN">
<value type="string">johvilla</value>
<add-attr attr-name="Resource">
<value type="string">cn=Haemonetics - McKesson Blood Bank,cn=ResourceDefs,cn=RoleConfig,cn=AppConfig,cn =UserApplication,cn=Driver Set,o=system</value>
<operation-data error.do-find-matching-object="\ACME-TEST\data\users\JOHVILLA"/>
[02/13/19 15:16:56.827]:bulkresource PT:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \ACME-TEST\system\Driver Set\Bulk Resource Load
Channel: Publisher
Object: johvilla
Status: Error
Message: Code(-9063) Object matching policy found an object that is already associated: {0}.
[02/13/19 15:16:56.868]:bulkresource PT:Fixing up association references.
[02/13/19 15:16:56.868]:bulkresource PT:Applying schema mapping policies to output.
[02/13/19 15:16:56.868]:bulkresource PT:Applying policy: %+C%14CNOVLDTXTBASE-smp%-C.
[02/13/19 15:16:56.869]:bulkresource PT:Applying output transformation policies.
[02/13/19 15:16:56.869]:bulkresource PT:Applying XSLT policy: %+C%14CNOVLDTXTBASE-ots%-C.
[02/13/19 15:16:56.869]:bulkresource PT:Policy returned:
[02/13/19 15:16:56.869]:bulkresource PT:
<nds dtdversion="4.0" ndsversion="8.x">
<product edition="Advanced" version="">DirXML</product>
<contact>NetIQ Corporation</contact>
<status level="error">Code(-9063) Object matching policy found an object that is already associated: {0}.<operation-data error.do-find-matching-object="\ACME-TEST\data\users\JOHVILLA"/>
<module>Bulk Resource Load</module>