I have installed the actual office/outlook plugin on my machine (Win 7,
AD, Office 2013) and now I have now idea, how to use the plugin.

Chapter 28.0 of the Afdministrator UI Reference says:
"Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint: Users can do the following:
- Browse to a file that is located on a Filr server, open the file,
edit it, and then save it back to the Filr server.
- Create a new file and upload it to the Filr server.
- Share a file with Filr users."

Hows that to do?
Browse to the file in question using firefox only ends in download of
the file and afterward opening in read only mode from %temp%

Also there is the plugin documentation. Chapter 3.1 says
"Launch the Microsoft application you want to use.
2. Click the Micro Focus Filr tab and then click Settings icon in the
Filr Plug-in group.

NOTE:If the Filr Plug-in group is not visible in Microsoft Office even
after you have installed the Plugin, Office might have automatically
disabled the plug-in. To enable the plug-in, see the Microsoft website."

And thats my problem. I cant find the filr settings icon in office. I
also examined the M$ site and found any useful informations.
We have policies, which prohibiting online accounts, but if I deactivate
these rules, I even find any option to set the filr server as described.

What Im missing?


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